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Environmental and Geological Information Services, is a geological consulting company located in Chapel Hill, NC. For over 15 years, we have inspected, diagnosed, serviced, and rehabilitated water wells and have provided hydrogeologic information from borehole surveys. By evaluating site specific concerns, we can design and implement cost effective solutions to well problems. EGIS maintains close working relationships with regulatory agencies and is aware of the latest rules that may affect our clients.

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PHONE: (919) 929-8363

EMAIL: gwinvest@juno.com

ADDRESS: 441 Northside Drive
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516


A near surface cavity and vertical fracture--directly below a 20' casing--allowed bacteria contaminated water to enter the 6" hard rock well. For the repair, EGIS installed a packer and 4” PVC liner from 87’ to the surface.

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